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Hooked on Adrenaline - Billbash 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 by

The 2014 Billbash tournament took place in August ... what we experienced up there left us broken, stunned, and wanting more!! The footage shown was captured by a single boat at the tournament and shows exactly why this type of fishing is so damn addictive and why we come back to it year after year! This is why we love it! Fish for the future!

Music: Kraddy - Operation Prometheus

Summer Boat Party 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 by

A recap of the 2014 Summer Boat Party off Perth Western Australia! WHAT A DAY!!!

Keeping the Best in the West

Sunday, 26 October 2014 by

Fish not to fill the belly with food, but to fill the soul with abundance!

Western Australia has some of the most pristine coastline and ocean. Lets keep it that way!

600lb Marlin Eats Tuna

Sunday, 03 August 2014 by

When your tuna turns into a 600lb marlin!

While reeling in a bonito, a monster black marlin comes and swallows it and the hunter becomes the hunted! The food chain in action!.. all captured by HoldYourBreath

Harry Tucker was reeling in a bonito when by far the biggest marlin that he has ever seen decided she wanted his fish instead, and she took it right in front of the camera! The subsequent 2.5 hours was a grudge match where harry had to fight this enormous animal on 50lb stand up gear! Yes there were tears! Yes he got sunburnt! And yes, we only gave him rum when he was thirsty.

But after a monumental effort he got this ‘fish of a lifetime’ to the side of the boat for a successful tag and release! The fish measured 3.5m (short lenth).

This is why we love it! Fish for the future!

Boat Party December 2013

Thursday, 03 April 2014 by

Get your tits out it’s a boat party! Sunburn, bikinis, cheap sausages, red cans and TRACKS!.. What’s not to like!?

Perth has the world’s best summer weather (Fact) combined with the world’s most picturesque ocean (Fact) and the world’s hottest women (Fact).  This place was made for boat parties, so come onboard and behave like an idiot because there’s not much else to do in Perth!

Billbash 2013

Thursday, 03 October 2013 by

The annual Billbash tournament is an absolute highlight and a ‘must do’ for any self-proclaimed WA game fisherman! Billbash is a ‘Tag and Release’ billfish competition held off Exmouth W.A. in August every year and it never fails to produce the goods!

2013 was an exceptional year with most boats reporting double figure catches of sails and marlin! It truly was one of those weeks where nature just put on a damn show! Footage shown here was from a single boat hosting the HoldYourBreath boys and a motley crew consisting of Stuart Jardine, Nick Markham and Mark Arkell.

Special thanks to our sponsor Murchison Boat Hire for providing the boat. http://murchisonboathire.com.au/

Fish for the future!

Dolphin Magic

Tuesday, 03 September 2013 by

This was a moment of pure MAGIC!  While filming off Ningaloo, we came across this pod of dolphins, which must have numbered in the hundreds. We were lucky enough to have some of them follow us for a few minutes and blow our tiny minds in the process! The way they just glide so effortlessly through the water, and just seem to be enjoying the moment. I wonder why they swim with boats in this way and whether they enjoy it as much as we do?!

Please do your part to look after our oceans so that we will always enjoy moments like these!


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