600lb Marlin Eats Tuna!

When your tuna turns into a 600lb marlin!

While reeling in a bonito, a monster black marlin comes and swallows it and the hunter becomes the hunted! The food chain in action! All captured by Hold Your Breath Films.

Harry Tucker was reeling in a bonito when by far the biggest marlin that he has ever seen decided she wanted his fish instead, and she took it right in front of the camera! The subsequent 2.5 hours was a grudge match where harry had to fight this enormous animal on 50lb stand up gear! Yes there were tears! Yes he got sun burnt! And yes, we only gave him rum when he was thirsty.

But after a monumental effort he got this ‘fish of a lifetime’ to the side of the boat for a successful tag and release! The fish measured 3.5m (short length).

This is why we love it! Fish for the future!

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Music: Godwolf – Alone