Tagging 60 000 game fish for Africa! – African Billfish Foundation

With close to 60 000 records across 42 species of gamefish, the African Billfish Foundation (ABF) runs the largest gamefish tagging database in Africa and they are calling for all African skippers to get involved! The foundation promotes effective conservation through advocacy for sustainable fishing practices and the protection of all billfish species, their environment and the millions of diverse stakeholders reliant upon billfish stocks to support their livelihoods.

If you would like to get involved with billfish tagging or genetic research, you can get in touch with The African Billfish Foundation at: info@africanbillfish.org or on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/AfricanBillfishFoundation.

Footage in this video was captured by boats fishing off Kenya and the footage was edited by Hold Your Breath Films. Fish for the future!

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Music: Tim Besamusca – The Final Stand